The vineyards producing the fruit that is Geddes Wines

Our relationship with growers is important to us and a vital part of the philosophy at Geddes Wines - taking pleasure in knowing the journey of the fruit, from grape to glass.

We believe in growers letting the vineyard be itself, not to manipulate or push the limit and guide Mother Nature to reflect the season it has produced. Gentle maceration management for extraction of tannin with a preferably not over-ripe fruit is the aim - trying to find a balance in the wine between the potential alcohol and pH.

Maslins Calcereous Rock Geddes Maslins Calcereous Rock Geddes

Maslin Vineyard

This vineyard was planted in 1999 and is now owned by grower Darryl Hunt.

The vines are settling in to produce consistent characters and quality. It lies 100 metres above and 1km from Maslin Beach - the first uncladded beach in Australia. Consisting of very shallow and dark rich soil, over a hard layer of calcareous, seashell bedrock. Its characters are similar to the Coonawarra with dark fruits and a striking tannin profile, plus an added coastal influence. Our Maslin Shiraz is grown here along with the Petit Verdot. One acre of bush Roussanne is also grown here.

Even though the Shiraz is some of the first fruit to come into the winery, the Petit Verdot is always the last.

Old Vine Soil Cropped Geddes Old Vine Soil Cropped Geddes

Old Vine

The only history we know of this vineyard is from the grower down the road and he remembers the vineyard from when he started school. With that we believe it must have been established around 1943 or even earlier and it is now owned by Casey Paardecooper.

The soils are white sand, with an iron stone pebble layer over red clay. The vineyard produces consistent quality and quantity. This vineyard is also starting to produce Grenache and Carignan.

We create our Single Vineyard Shiraz from this vine to reflect the soil and season.

Blewitt Soil hands and vine Geddes Blewitt Soil hands and vine Geddes


Francis Teng own this dry grown vineyard, established 1941 in the sandy soils of Blewitt Springs.

A shallow layer of ironstone underneath gives depth to the slow ripening grapes. An older vine that is consistent in quality, this vineyard always delivers rich red and delicate fruits that I desire in my signature Grenache.

Both Seldom Inn range and Single Vineyard Grenache come from this vineyard.

Maslins Sky3 Cropped Geddes Maslins Sky3 Cropped Geddes

Viognier / Roussanne

 An unfavourable variety due to its mismanagement has led to very little grown in McLaren Vale. A source 20km South of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Chris Pethic is now the owner and making wonderful grapes - with sandy soils, it has cooler nights and milder days that allow for a long ripening and retainment of acid therefore producing a fresh and crisp white wine.

We manage to get a little amount of Roussanne also from this vineyard.